Tuesday, May 11, 2010


in a more primitive pariscene, this small but hefty 2F saucer once dotted one of countless café tables... but it has been unemployed for a long while now - with the franc a lost currency, many cafés a faded memory, and paris-paradise a fouled foreign investment museumville...

[I have this petit plat in my possession now [found at a brocante], but no knowledge of what its home was like - if anyone out there knew of the establishment and the meaning of the word "NOUBLANCHE", please do let me know*...I will also be posting it on my parigigi antiques site to find a new home for it ]

*Thank you to Peter for letting me know that Rue de Paradis was a street of china and faience manufacturers, so the name and address of the stamp under the dish were for the maker.


Peter said...

The only info I managed to find is that Noublanche was installed 52 rue de Paradis, the china, faïence and crystal street those days, and had a workshop and storage also at 10 rue Saint-Maur.

Gina V said...

merci, Peter, for your digging! I mis-assumed that the name and address were for the café, but more likely for the maker of the china...and Noublanche is most probably a family name?