Monday, March 16, 2009


finally, the commercialization of graffiti to advertise for a truck rental company... the unexpected sanctioning of the long-"established" and prolific Miss Tic's work takes the bite out of her more subversive defacement noted for their arresting images of scantily clad and wantonly posed femmes paired up with short provocative phrases playing on words and double meanings... [er, find-her keep-her??]

[*a subcultural footnote on the heel of Adam's "challenging" post on "No Tag"!]


Adam said...

Hi Gina,

This is a very interesting example. Obviously she adds an element of cool to a rather dull service, but I'm not sure what her interest is beyond a financial one. At the same time, I believe she is quite the business person!

Gina V said...

Yes, brand recognition turns dross to gold! All the power to her for turning a dime on her artistic endeavours!!...perhaps a reality show next??

Peter said...

I have also noticed MissTic on these lorries. Even tried a photo, but it was not good for presentation!

Peter said...

... but she's somehow on my post today.